Toyota i-Road, The New Editioan Of Future Car

Toyota i-Road, The New Editioan Of Future Car

The car in the future while it actually became the main focus of manufacturers including Toyota. And started a wide range of products for the car that thinks that the car in the future will be. One of the Toyota product seized several public road-i berhkotian's eye. Vehicles that are expected to be released to the public is already entered time trials

Responsibility-responsibility, never preparing accurate test, Toyota, Toyota understand well that competition in the future from a variety of manufacturers of cars will be too tight. Therefore, include Toyota 100-person testers consists of the Toyota parties and the general public.

Currently there are at least 10 units of road i-car that has been manufactured to be checked by the way each unit will be tested i-road riders 100 men.

I expected-cars "Toyota way" would be an answer to the specific needs of the community diberkotan when facing the traffic, because the car containing only one passenger in addition to using electricity, efficient, and environmentally friendly certainly looks modern.

For fuel, electricity and highways i does not require great resources, only about 100 Volts, and require proper bodinia the site extensively, so it is suitable for urban solid start.

Latest news, Toyota electric vehicles i test-road in France, in the city of Grenoble. This test includes about 70 units of i-way electric vehicles and com.

Very innovative design Toyota i-way one seat and drive similar to a motorcycle. So it didn't take place. To make it a three-wheeled vehicle that is alive, this could be cebidamotor wonky corners.

Test in Europe, in Japan early last year will give an overview of the use of this type of transport for daily activities in different types of occupations, and the needs of the citizens of the city. Also to evaluate the types of these compounds in comparison with different types of transport.
Grenoble was selected because the city is very special. The city has a long history of innovation. The city just starting electric trams again, and public transport is very high, and there are bike lanes over 360 km and becomes a haven for high-tech companies.

The advantages of Toyota i-Road

1. Efficient
2. Environmentally friendly
3. Body sleek and Modern

Shortage of Toyota i-Road

1. Number of passengers a little bit
2. Is not suitable in the village and the mountains

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