There Are Best Future Motorcycle Concept

It turns out that increasing human needs in conjunction with the development of science, no exception in the field of automotive became the daily needs of the community.

There Are Best Future Motorcycle Concept

On the other hand the motor manufacturers turned out to have prepared kosnep motorcycle of the future, it is certainly not only aims to meet the needs of the community, but also everyday style.
And You Must Know, these motor concepts necessarily vary from one manufacturer to another manufacturer with a variety of excellence and distinction.

1. Kawasaki J3 Wheeler EV

Concept of Kawasaki J3 Wheeler EV

Kawasaki motorcycle launches the future named unique  J3 Wheeler EV, with a gallant and brave. Kawasaki's own party claiming Motorcycles J is a motorcycle with the concept of the future, which is reserved for riders in two different fields.

Therefore, Motorcycle J has two variants, namely i.e. Comfort Mode that you can use for a relaxing drive in urban areas, and a Sport Mode that allows you to trigger the motor to get the sensation of driving a la motor sport.

2. Feline One

Best Future Motorcycle Feline One

The creator of this is future motor " Feline One" is Yacauba Galle, a French journalist who also Has the name of the Rider, Tesr Feline One, motor concept future futuristic is the shadow of the flag of the Feline Motorcycles symbol of pride Tiger Beetles or Panther which is being jumped.

3. Yamaha PES 1

Yamaha PES 1

Yamaha currently has the latest future concept motorcycles, Yamaha named PES1. The front suspension form up side down, while the rear mono shock under the engine and braking disk brake on both wheels.  
The body of the back looks small and thin while the place is usually the fuel pentimpanan decorated the cavity in the Center. Since this is a concept of the future-fueled motor electric

This motorcycle uses a Yamaha machine Smart Power Module located into one with the order of his monocoque type. Electric motor type DC brushless. Lithium-ion battery of his removable to facilitate the process of the charger.

4. Harley Davidson 2020 concept

Harley Davidson 2020 concept

The Maker Or Deigner Of Harley Davidson 2020 concept, Miguel Cotto, looks like it came straight out of sci-fi. Futuristic concept is present on the date to the year 2020

And the bike has a 883cc engine for power and the familiar roar of the Harley. Then there's the sleek design, hubless wheels and overall look, all the indicators for motorcycles of the future.

5. Honda Oree Electric Motorcycle Concept

Honda Oree Electric Motorcycle Concept

This Future motorcycle design is Nike Albertus and Andre Look, both students of German origin. Electric motor sport has power 90 hp, 125 lb/ft of torque and a maximum speed of 190 km/h.

Do you have a reference to a motorcycle of the future? Surely a motorcycle of the future will be designed in accordance with the needs of their riders, and the more environmentally friendly

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