How To Set as Desktop Site for Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, OperaMini, UC-Browser, Internet Explorer, Safari In Android

Save Directlink ~ Actually this site used and supported by desktop, so that not working with android browser, or OS, So we recommend fo using Computer or Desktop.

set smartphone browser application as desktop site

And If you use smarthphone, or android browser, and find any difficulties and mistakes for downloading , you must set your browser apllication as desktop mode or site, in your smartphone

And you can use any browser application and we give you the ways how to set a desktop site for many applications below.

1. Google Chrome

Then you have to set the browser first, as desktop site. And This time I would guide and give you tuttorial how make Chrome browser on your Android as a desktop site

setting desktop site in chrome

  • Before you click "Visit Link", Visit Setting Browser at top right 
  • Choose and tick Request Desktop Site
  • Wait, and Click "Visit Link" Again.
Sow images below.

setting desktop site in google chrome
After these steps, You will wait again, for 5 second to get visit link.

2. Mozilla, FireFox

Actually the steps not differents with google chrome setting. Follow these ways to make Mozilla Firefox in Android, As the Desktop Site,

  • Before you click "visit link", you must setting browser first, and click on the tab right
  • Choose Request Desktop Site

Show these steps by images below:

setting desktop site of mozilla firefox in android

setting mozilla firefox as desktop site

3. OperaMini Browser

If you use OperaMini Browser, you must follow these steps for making it as Desktop Site in Android

  • Ope Your OperaMini Browser
  • Click Setting, on right bottom
  • Choose Setting
  • Scrool, and choose User Agent, And Click Desktop

Show some Images Bellow

setting operamini browser as desktop site
setting desktop site of operamini in android

4. UC-Browser

If you use UC-Browser for downloading, you mus follow these ways for making the browser as dekstop site.
setting uc browser as desktop site mode

  • Open Your UC-Browser Application
  • Click Setting on bottom
  • Choose "Tools"
  • Click "Speed Mode"
  • Click "Others" and Choose "Desktop"
Show the steps and ways by images below :

setting uc browser as desktop site

setting desktop site in uc-browser

5. Safari Browser Application

And if you would like use Safari Brwoser, you can follow these steps for making it as Desktop Set.

  • Open The Safari Browser Application First
  • Choose Setting in Bottom
  • Choose "Desktop Mode"

Show The Steps By Images Below

setting desktop site of safari browser in android

setting safari browser as desktop site

6. Browser

Follow this ways :
  • Open Browser Application in Your Phone
  • Click Setting
  • Choose Advance, and Click User Agent String
  • Choose Desktop
  • Now You try for downloading, after waiting 5 second. 

Show these Images below :

setting desktop site in android browser

Setting Desktop Setting in Browser Android


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