How To Make Own Blogger SafeLink?

How To Make Own Blogger SafeLink?

Save Directlink ~ Hello All My Friends, if you are logging for long time, but you haven't knew about what is a safelink, you must read this article.

Safelink, is a blog or website who provide for saving a link or URL. ifu you are a partner of this blog, you can to ea afilliate, and ofcourse get some money.

But, anyway the income must to e devided between you and your partner. And Now, you can build a own Blog Safelink by your self.

Maybe you have any questions how To Make Own Blog Safelink with Blogger? or what ways you must to do, and what the steps?

And this opportunity, I will show you and try answer these qustions. But, I Wuld like to explan first, how this blog work.

This blog as a second blog, and you must make ne blog for making blog safelink. and the first blog is your old blog.

If the visitors like your article, and he want click the url or link on first blog, he will go a head the second blog automatically. And this opportunity, you can put some adverts, and you can get more money.

So to the point, follow and read the steps below.

  1. Make a New Blog on the Blogger as a Second Blog, with a name your want
  2. Change the new responsive blogger template, you can download HERE
  3. Creat a New Page, with your own Name, for Example "Regenerate", and put this CODE to that new page, with HTML Mode.
  4. Upload This CODE as a javascript to Google Drive, or Github, and before uploading you must edit and change "" with URL of new page
  5. Go Back to Page, Change a Url "" wiht a url new page, and change URL "" with url of javascript
  6. Go to template editing, find this url "" and change it with url of new Page, And and this URL "" with url of javascript. and save
  7. Go to the first blog, Get this CODE, but don't forget for editing a URL "" with your URL javascript, and put that code to template of first blog. And you have goes to template editing, and put that code, in front of </Body> and save.

So, if you have any questions don't be shy, we can discussion together, and write in tha colom of comment

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