Read !!! Five Most Profitable Investment In 2016

Five Most Profitable Investment In 2016

Changes in the world economy today is still not expected to improve, so investors are not only recommended to choose profitable investments but also profitable saving.

The inflation rate is erratic coupled with the trend of the market who prefer passive than active, would make investors confused to choice.

In Other Side, the uncertain economic situation is certainly utilized by the investment services that offer substantial advantages, but they have a security guarantee. 

Therefore, this time we'll share information on the type of investment the most profitable and have the assurance of high security.

1. Gold Investment

Gold Investment, an investment that is recognized the most profitable and relatively safest in the world.
because this precious metal has a resistance value, and is not affected by the economic crisis and inflation of a country, other than that the price is fairly stable and tends to always increase from year to year.

2. Investment Land

Rated second, is a land investment. the social demand for land is increasing sharply, causing land prices will always increase. Only, investors must know the procedure of land acquisition of land, as well as its strategic geographic layout, so that the land will be used as an investment more profitable.

3. Shares Investment

Investment by buying stocks, also diyaini is one way a profitable investment and secure. Buying stock means we buy part ownership of a business entity, and can easily sell it at the right time.

4. Investment Foreign Currency

Not much different from the investment of the purchase of shares, investments with foreign currency purchase and subsequent sale at a given time is one profitable invesatsi and includes secure. however, investors are required to continuously follow the information on economic development and currency of the world, in order to determine when to buy and sell.

5. Bonds Investment

Investing uses a system of bonds, equal to the actual saving. difference, saving the bond system has a certain time where the money has been saved to be disbursed, there were 5, 7 to 10 years, with an advantage depending on the savings.

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